Richard Chen

Hello, and welcome to my site! I'm a software developer who enjoys music, all things Pokémon, swimming, and a number of other things, such as scuba diving in any extraterrestrial lakes, that I couldn't fit on here because then I'd be lying.

I enjoy watching and keeping up to date with Law & Order, its UK spinoff, as well as Murdoch Mysteries. I've also enjoyed several episodes of American Dad, Bones, Family Guy and Hell's Kitchen, though these shows have been hit or miss at times in terms of enjoyability.

I currently live in Vaughan, Ontario. I also enjoy spending time in the Toronto downtown core, as there is just so much to do there.

Feel free to check out my site and see what you like. There are a few games, such as Hungry Maze and Square Off, that you may like. And if you ever want to get in contact, feel free to reach me at!